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Fornino was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2004, a small wood-fired pizzeria, that arguably ignited the artisanal pizza craze in New York City. Fornino is considered a Brooklyn favorite thanks to our decadent toppings and perfectly done crusts. We source each individual ingredient for the top quality available. We have won numerous awards, as well as Best Pizza In NY. We presently have locations in historic Greenpoint, a large seasonal waterfront location in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and our newest pizzeria placed in the heart of Dumbo at Time Out New York. We invite you to come and taste the difference quality can make.

The menu is structured as a historical investigation into pizza. Naples: The First Generation of pizza is considered True Pizza certified DOP iDenominazione di Origine Protetta, a protected designation of origin by the Italian government. In Italy: The Second Generation of pizza, presents more traditional flavors, representational of the dynamic regions of Italy, utilizing their unique indigenous produce. Fornino: TheThird Generation is Fornino’s own creative combinations formulated over the years by our world-class pizza makers.

Michael Ayoub- Chef & Owner

Michael is a Brooklyn native and chef for over 45 years. Michael, known for such renowned restaurants as Skaffles and Cucina, was destined to bring his wood-fired pizza concept to Brooklyn. Taken from his mother’s maiden name, Fornino or Little Oven, expresses Michael’s true calling, combining his love of pizza with his decades of culinary experience.

The heat from the custom-built wood-burning ovens that reach temperatures of 900 Degrees was not hot enough for Michael. When not dreaming up culinary wonders, he takes his talents to even higher an accomplished glass artist. We hope you enjoy some of his hand-blown lights and sculptures on display at Fornino Greenpoint.

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