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  • Can I bring decorations for the table, balloons, streamers etc?"
    You are welcome to bring decorations for events on the terrace and the indoor café, including balloons. We are particularly fond of how runners look on the picnic tables. For events on the rooftop we allow very minimal table decorations, balloons are not allowed as the wind tends to, how do we say, hit other guest in the head. Please no confetti.
  • Can I bring entertainment ie balloon artist, face painter, etc."
    For terrace and café events you are welcome to have entertainment as long as it arranged in advance. Unfortunately, due to space, entertainment is not allowed on the roof.
  • How are we separated from other guests; does it feel like a private event?
    We do our best to make every event feel like its own private universe within Brooklyn’s hippest public park. Events on the terrace are partitioned off and have the most privacy and the most amount of space to mingle.
  • How is the food served?
    That depends on the location, size, type of event and type of menu you choose. As a general rule; we serve events over 30 buffet style, events from 25-35 either family style or buffet style, events under 25 family style and happy hour menus cocktail style. We are happy to talk you through all of your serving options available for your specific party.
  • Are there private bathrooms?
    There are public restrooms directly adjacent to the ground level café. They are cared for by the Brooklyn Bridge Park department.
  • What if it rains or there is inclement weather during my event?
    That depends on the size and type of your event. Some more casual events will choose to reschedule. Larger and time-specific events will have a specific rain plan which might include moving to the indoor café.
  • What if I want a longer event?
    Additional overtime hours are usually available if arranged in advance.
  • What if I need to cancel my event?
    Please let us know if you need to cancel your event as early as possible and we will work with you to return your deposit.
  • Do you have an air conditioner inside the café?
    There is no air conditioner inside the café as we have giant roll up windows to create an indoor/outdoor feeling. The café can provide some nice coverage from the sun on those hot summer days.
  • I want to book any event, how do I put down a deposit?"
    We take a 50% deposit based on the menu you choose and an estimated guest count. The final balance, final guest count and final menu are due two weeks before the event.
  • I want to have a more casual event; do you work with minimum spends?
    We only accept events with an event menu. Since we are a large space out in the elements it is too difficult to provide excellent service without a pre-set menu.
  • What if I don’t want a package?
    Many people choose to have casual gatherings with friends at our space. We offer a limited amount of rooftop reservations for groups up to 16 people. The ground level terrace is first come first serve and you are welcome to have more than one table. If you have ever been to Fornino on a sunny weekend in May and June, you know it can be difficult to find a seat. You are of course welcome to try. We encourage you to arrive early to get a space and to grow into a larger space as your party grows. Please note there is no outside food or drinks allowed.
  • Do you host Weddings?
    We have hosted many fabulous weddings through the years. The most common format is dinner on the ground level terrace with a dance floor in the indoor café. Out of a service to our regular customers we no longer offer buyouts on the roof. Due to the popularity of Fornino and Brooklyn Bridge Park in general, large weddings in the months of May and June are not ideal.
  • When do you open/ close for the season for events?
    We open for the season in Mid-April and close in Mid-October. In this time of global warming events in October can be quite tricky with the weather. Once the nights start to get longer and the world tips into fall, we encourage events to take advantage of the earlier sunlight hours and understand it might be appropriate to move inside for warmth or you might be wearing shorts!
  • Can I pay with credit card?
    We prefer checks, however, we accept all major credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card there will be a 3% credit card fee to cover the cost of processing.
  • I want to see the space while you are closed, do you do off season site visits?"
    Yes, we are happy to set up an appointment for a site visit and encourage it if you have never been to the space before. Please keep in mind we are closed up for the season so all of the seating that we normally have outside is stacked up inside.
  • Can you work with dietary restrictions?
    We pride ourselves on excellent gluten free pizza, an abundance of vegetarian options and vegan cheese. We are very conscious of allergies and have no peanuts in the house. Unfortunately, our kitchen is not Kosher, if you need to provide guest with a Kosher meal you are welcome to bring in outside food
  • Do I have to choose a beverage package?
    Of course, you are welcome to opt out of a beverage package and purchase drinks per consumption. If you are having an event on the terrace with a bar cart, we will have to work together to choose the drinks to offer.
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